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Think of We Find Houses as your personal team of experts. We have the industry and market knowledge to help you create a plan that will supercharge your portfolio. No more hours spent sifting through property listings or reading unqualified advice – let us do the hard work for you.

By using our experts to build your property portfolio, we will help you to research, negotiate and secure properties that match your criteria, budget and risk profile. After all, buying a property is one of the most expensive decisions you’ll ever make – can you afford to leave it to chance?
Whether you are an experienced investor looking to streamline your portfolio, or a new investor looking to take advantage of an established network and knowledge base, using a buyers agent is a great way to ensure you minimise risk when you invest in property.

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We offer a range of buyers agency services with differing fee structures to provide you with the flexibility you are looking for as an investor.

The benefit of a buyers agent is that they are there to exclusively represent you, the investor, during the buying process. From research to settlement, your buyers agent provides you with their industry experience, knowledge and negotiating power to help ensure you make an unemotional and informed purchase. They’ll let you know when it’s okay to walk away from a less than ideal investment and will help you broaden your own knowledge base and networks through access to some of the real estate industry’s top professionals.

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Success stories

You cannot underestimate the value of expert advice…

As a young couple going into our first investment it was invaluable to have the expert guidance of Paul and his team. You cannot underestimate the value of expert advise and guidance to get you on the right track.

Adam W, Palm Beach Qld

Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met…

After to talking to other investment advisers Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met, offering business and investment advice with proven success through himself and his team. I’ve been able to make clear and informative decisions towards building my investment portfolio.

Paul E, Qld

Honest and Professional Team of people delivering genuine opportunities for investors.

Currently receiving a healthy 21%pa on investment, which I didn’t think was out there other than working with share-fund managers. I look forward working with Paul and his team for many years to come. Safe as Houses!!

Jason T, NZ

I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart…

I have found Paul to be a genuine, helpful and very knowledgable guy without that sleazy sales person feel. Which is extremely hard to find in this industry. Everyone out there seems to be ‘selling’ you some story or product or house whether it’s in your best interests or not. I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart each and every time I speak to them. Couldn’t be more happier I found them.

Kyle M, Qld

You not only delivered but exceeded our expectations…

You are a fantastic bunch and keep up the good work. Our experience with your professional and caring team has been nothing but outstanding. We had a tough task ahead of us and you not only delivered but exceeded our expectations. We will be more than happy to recommend you and happy to share our experience with others. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.

Janakan R, Lane Cove NSW

It is a pity l didn’t start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago

Thank you for all your assistance and professional services over the past year. It is a pity l didn't start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago but l am very happy to be a part of it now and plan to be for a very long time.

Justin S, Mt Eliza Vic

They’ve never missed a repayment

I’ve been with this company for about 7 months and they’ve never missed a repayment on my investment, over $5000.00 per month ?

Dene G, Noosa Heads Qld

I have enjoyed every interaction with the team…

Not only is Paul the most down to earth genuine person you will ever meet he also has such a friendly, knowledgeable and educated team around him. I have enjoyed every interaction with the team and they have helped structure my portfolio for now and into the future. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing.

Nick C, Qld

You’re a man true to his word!!!

Watch your money grow when investing with Paul and his team. I’m already starting to see the benefits so thank you!! It will cost you fortunes if you don’t!

Paul G, Doncaster VIC

I thoroughly recommend Paul Wilson for his expertise and positive approach in business.

I’m sure that you will find him and his advice helpful in your own wealth creation.

Mark L, Tas

Income2Wealth is 100% genuine and I am glad to refer their high performing projects.

I have personally invested in one of the projects of the armchair development and starting to see results from my short term investment.

Great service provided and will come back for more.

Anubhav A, Vic

Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to create wealth

I highly recommend Paul & his team at Income2Wealth as I have known Paul for a few years now and he is a genuine guy his knowledge is outstanding helpful and on call to answer any questions you have. I have invested in 2 of his projects right now Armchair Capital & Armchair Development and they haven’t missed a payment yet, every month into my account and when my term is up I intend to reinvest again, Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to Create Wealth through Passive investing Future Proof your retirement!!!

Greg L, Panania, NSW

I have invested in 2 of their projects giving me 20-30% return.

Really glad to meet them and intend to continue with them for a while

Imran H, Qld

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