Published on April 6, 2020

Save it for bedtime…

As a child or as a parent, you’re probably familiar with the story of Chicken Little who catastrophised a falling acorn into “The Sky Is Falling!”.   As a father of five, I’ve done my fair share of reading this story aloud and I can’t help but see a lot of parallels with the current negative media hype.

I’m sure it’s coming at you from every direction – mainstream media are bombarding us all with doom and gloom – and that’s not to say some of it isn’t warranted but rather that there’s much to be said for perspective at times like these.   Avoid buying into the total hysteria & paralysis that has gripped some portions of the globe.

Yes, these are definitely tumultuous times but if you let this beat you back into submission, to accepting that since so much is out of your control, then why even bother trying to see your way through it, then that is where the real crisis exists.

There’s no rule that says when the markets go up and down that your emotions and finances should also go up and down. How would you feel if you had a strategy to prevent this from happening for you and your family?

Adversity can bring out the best in us – if we let it.   There has been many an “accidental” entrepreneur who, as the result of a redundancy or business failure, been forced into changing direction and focus, only to see themselves prospering in another completely different field.

Just getting by and settling for a standard below what you want for you and your family is a form of poverty.  You deserve better and it’s time to make a change.

This is the most opportunistic time to pivot and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities that come along.     Whether that positioning is for a rebound or to make a move right now, it still comes down to clearly identifying what opportunities exist for you. Passively sitting back waiting and wondering how you will come out of this at the other end is not the name of the game.

Adopt the motto “Never Waste A Good Crisis”.    Now is the time to focus on being able to identify the opportunity in this crisis– whether it is personally, professionally, academically or financially.

That’s easier said than done for some I know, however, nobody should manage challenges completely on their own.    It’s time to sail against the current and set yourself up for prosperity even in the face of adversity.

This is the time for you to analyse and assess your current position and to identify the opportunities as well as your vulnerabilities so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.   Make a break for open water and take decisive action rather than just bobbing along in the current with everyone else.

Even when things are really bad, there is nothing to be gained by burying your head in the sand thinking it will pass.  This is a time to lean into the wind – the good the bad and the ugly and for you to take an active role in reshaping your personal and financial future.

I encourage you to align with a mentor, someone who has no agenda and is emotionally removed from your immediate circle of family and friends.

I’m offering you the opportunity to work with me to help chart your individual course through this crisis and put the wind in your sails to see you strategically through to the other side.

Relegate the Chicken Little mentality to the bedtime story zone and take a decisive and active role in your real world and your future by being present, willing and able to make a difference today!

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