Published on November 15, 2021
Imagine with me for a second what your life would look like if you created another stream of income that flowed into your bank account each and every month.
Money that is not dependent upon you showing up at work.
I’m talking about true passive income where no other expenses such as rent, rates, insurances or property management fees are deducted before it lands in your bank account.
This month alone our Armchair Investor community received a collective payment of $1,890,228
That’s almost $2 Million Dollars of cold hard cash paid directly off mortgages, into their savings and SMSF accounts, passively increasing the wealth of our investor community.
Unlike the traditional “buy and hold” strategy of property investing, our Armchair Investment funds are helping ordinary Aussies earn more money each month than they would collect in rent from a standard investment property……WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY A SINGLE PROPERTY!
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*You should consider the information and associated risks in the Disclosure Documents in full before making any kind of Investment decision. Investment products offered by I2W are not bank deposits. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.