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  • Celebrating Our April Distributions

    lf you’ve been waiting for permission to make significant progress with your wealth creation plans, then here it is….yes. Yes, it’s okay to make your wealth creation a priority Yes,

  • Avoid The Dream Becoming A Nightmare…

    Finding “The Dream Tenant”   The “dream tenant”…. is there actually such a thing and more importantly, how do you, or your property manager find them? I’ve been fortunate with

  • Have The Irish Cornered The Market…?

    Can You Manufacture Luck?     You ARE Running Out Of Time!   If you are in your 20’s – Act With Urgency If you are in your 30’s – Act With

  • It’s Raining Money This Month For Our Armchair Investors™

    Passive Income V’s Earned Income   For the month of June, our investors received $637,436 together with a staged project distribution of $780,937 making this month’s total payment $1,418,373!  

  • Tenant Relief Packages – Investment Market Impact

    2020 has certainly been a roller coaster ride  – and not the good kind that scares you yet makes you feel alive, rather it has been a terrifying, white knuckle