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  • Embracing Your Discontent

    I’ve long thought that discontent has copped a bad rap. In an age where we are financially, medically, technologically and educationally more advanced than any other time in history, we’re

  • Property Investment Revolution

    Discover more about the revolutionary all-female team behind an Australian-first Crowdsourced property investment opportunity in this online YIP magazine article with video from Paul Wilson.

  • How To Invest In Property With Just $500

    By backing a diversified portfolio focused on long-term capital growth through a crowdfunding platform, investors can create and build wealth in a way that slowly but surely generates returns –

  • Your Burning Property Questions Answered

    Read Paul Wilson’s answers to your burning Property Adviser and Buyers Agent’s questions in the YIP Magazine Cover Story from Issue 130.

  • Are Bank Valuations Reliable?

    Read Paul Wilson’s answer to the question “Are bank valuations a reliable estimate of a property’s worth? in the YIP Magazine Cover Story from Issue 132.

  • Expert Spotlight – Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson & his Pathways To Wealth program are detailed in YIP’s Issue 134 Expert Spotlight.