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  • June 2022 Armchair Investment Returns

    Results like these are worth shouting about! With the chill of winter setting in, our Armchair Investors are staying cosy and warm thanks to yet another impressive month of passive

  • May 2022 Armchair Investment Returns

    Mayday! Mayday! Are you hearing this frantic distress call lately? It’s your hard-earned savings screaming out to you to rescue them from wasting away from low returns and monthly fees. Look

  • April 2022 Armchair Investment Returns

    Our investors don’t need to hunt out their distributions this Easter 🐣,  just like every month, this sweet treat arrives in their bank accounts like clockwork. You’ll be hopping mad

  • March 2022 Armchair Investment Returns

    “Marching” strongly as ever through 2022,  our Armchair Investors have enjoyed another month of superior returns with an impressive $2.1 Million in distributions landing in their bank accounts. If you haven’t

  • February 2022 Armchair Investment Returns

    It wasn’t all Valentine’s chocolates and roses for our Armchair Investors this month – instead, they celebrated “the month of love” with a bountiful bouquet of impressive returns.We not only

  • January 2022 Armchair Investment Distributions

    In January, our investors collectively received $2,116,733 in monthly investment income taking our total distributions since inception of our managed funds in 2018 to $32,304,954 If you’re looking to grow