Published on June 17, 2022

Results like these are worth shouting about!

With the chill of winter setting in, our Armchair Investors are staying cosy and warm thanks to yet another impressive month of passive income distributions heating up their personal, business and Self-Managed Superannuation bank accounts.

This month, we’re shouting about our Armchair Investment Managed Funds celebrating an incredible:


  • $144M+   Funds Currently Under Management

  • $2,643,235  Distributions Paid in June 2022

  • $44M+  in Total Distributions paid since 2018

  • 100%  Completed Term Capital returned to investors totalling $39M+

With superior returns ranging from 8% – 20% p.a. paid monthly, a choice of investment term lengths and offers starting from an investment amount of $5,000, there’s an option to suit everyone.

The “Armchair” part of Armchair Investment describes the level of hands-on involvement you have in an investment. The beauty of this investment pathway is through capitalising on the knowledge, skills and expertise of professional investment managers through investing in a regulated Managed Fund. You’re able to gain access to unlisted private real estate and private equity investment opportunities that may otherwise be out of your reach.


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*You should consider the information and associated risks in the Disclosure Documents in full before making any kind of Investment decision. Investment products offered by I2W are not bank deposits. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.