Published on June 19, 2020

Passive Income V’s Earned Income


For the month of June, our investors received $637,436 together with a staged project distribution of $780,937 making this month’s total payment $1,418,373!


If wealth creation is your goal, it’s important to focus on your Earned income while still implementing a Passive Income plan.


Focusing only on your earned income can distract you from implementing your ongoing passive income plan where your money works away silently in the background for you and not you for it.

You might be intending to put a plan in place “someday” as soon as you’ve saved “enough” money, however, when is enough ever enough? It keeps changing as soon as you get closer to the goal, or the temptations of a getaway, new TV, Jet Ski, toys of any nature… sidetrack even the most well-intentioned investors.

Put a passive income plan in place first, then you’ll find that you will have more money sooner.

Passive income is ultimately better than Earned Income.

Earned income makes you a living, while Passive Income makes you a fortune.

Put your passive income plan in place as quickly as you can, so you can do the things you want to be doing, as long as you can.

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