With so much white noise in the investment and property education industry it is little wonder that so many would-be investors remain just that.

All the hype and warnings in the media serve only to reinforce that the process of investing is fraught with danger.

This is a time when knowledge is power and your first step before making any investment is to be well informed and have developed a strategy that is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you are looking at working with our team in developing your personalised Investment Pathways To Wealth Strategy or through our One to One Coaching & Mentoring Program we have the structure and expertise to help you achieve your investment goals.

Investment Pathways To Wealth Strategy Sessions

Our Investment Pathways To Wealth Strategy Sessions are centered around the three key stages of developing and implementing your strategy:

1. Defining Your Investment Pathways

Throughout this process our team of experts will make a comprehensive assessment of:

  • Your current financial position
  • Your existing portfolio and how to incorporate this into your new strategy
  • Your personal timeframe for achieving your lifestyle and financial goals
  • What type of investor you want to be
  • Your appetite for risk
  • What you are aiming to achieve through your investments
  • What your long term goals and lifestyle needs are
  • What type of investments suit your risk profile and budget

From that assessment we work with you to create customised Investment Pathways Strategy that outlines your options, the purpose of each investment you make and provides you with realistic goals and targets. This is a key stage in your overall investment success. It’s essentially your business plan.

2. Maximising your financial structure

Getting your finances structured efficiently and tax-effectively is one of the most important elements to becoming a successful investor.

After all, investing is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, so maximising the benefits you can gain from this purchase is a must.

As our experts help you plan your strategy, we gain valuable insights into your financial situation. This knowledge can be used to help you create a solid financial structure tailored to your current circumstances and future goals.

We understand that investing requires a lot of careful planning and finding the right source of finance is crucial. We also understand that investing often entails volumes of paperwork, endless calculations, comparisons and lengthy negotiations with lenders and brokers to secure the right loan for your individual situation. That’s why we offer our clients access to the finance specialists at We Find Finance.

We Find Finance works for you by ensuring that you maximise the return from your investment through securing the best loan available at the most affordable rate. With over 25 lenders on our panel, we ensure we will find the right loan for your needs. Better still, our experts will work with you to ensure you stay on the most direct path to financial independence.

3. Building your portfolio

Once your optimal Investment Pathway(s) have been defined, as well as the strategies that will best help you achieve investing success, it’s time to take action.
The type of action you will take and support you may need will depend on the pathways identified as best matching your goals – Passive, Active, Innovative or a mix of these.

Our team of experts will work with you individually to enact your personalised strategy.

Investment Pathways To Wealth One-To-One Coaching Program

Whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned investor, the Income2Wealth Investment Pathways To Wealth One-To-One Coaching Program can help support you in making informed choices, fast tracking your results and becoming a successful investor.

Where many people get sidetracked is in not having the knowledge, experience or confidence to properly implement a successful investment strategy. Others falter once they have made an investment, not really knowing what to do with the asset or how best to leverage it into creating further wealth.

It doesn’t need to be such a daunting task, with the right guidance and support, you too can build wealth through planned and purposeful investment.

Many investors struggle and flounder in their efforts due to not having the support and backup of a trusted and experienced professional.

As part of our Investment Pathways To Wealth One-To-One Coaching Program, you have someone at hand to share their decades of knowledge and hands on experience, answer questions, bounce ideas off, seek specialist advice and provide the necessary balance to your efforts.

You really benefit from having a starting place, a highly qualified outsider’s opinion on your current situation and strategy – a fresh set of eyes whose sole purpose is to help you grow in knowledge and in wealth.

Learning needs to include the good, the bad and the ugly. How can you confidently make an informed decision if you’ve only been taught the upside without the counter balance of the potential risks and pitfalls for various investment strategies.

Do you want to spend your time learning content that is not relevant to you right now or would you rather be learning skills and knowledge that you can put into practice immediately, which is matched to your unique circumstances? With the Investment Pathways To Wealth One-To-One Coaching Program you will quickly discover you’re not a number, you are a person and will always be given the attention and support you need at any point in time.

Our comprehensive program delivered by video, phone or in person begins with your foundational education and progresses at your own pace through to building your investment portfolio.

To find out how we can help you achieve your investment goals simply fill in your details below and we'll be in touch with you:

Success stories

They’ve never missed a repayment

I’ve been with this company for about 7 months and they’ve never missed a repayment on my investment, over $5000.00 per month ?

Dene G, Noosa Heads Qld

Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met…

After to talking to other investment advisers Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met, offering business and investment advice with proven success through himself and his team. I’ve been able to make clear and informative decisions towards building my investment portfolio.

Paul E, Qld

Straight and factual discussions and on time payments

I definitely recommend Paul and team. Professional and easy engagement. Straight and factual discussions and on time payments.

Peter B, Forestville NSW

Honest and Professional Team of people delivering genuine opportunities for investors.

Currently receiving a healthy 21%pa on investment, which I didn’t think was out there other than working with share-fund managers. I look forward working with Paul and his team for many years to come. Safe as Houses!!

Jason T, NZ

You not only delivered but exceeded our expectations…

You are a fantastic bunch and keep up the good work. Our experience with your professional and caring team has been nothing but outstanding. We had a tough task ahead of us and you not only delivered but exceeded our expectations. We will be more than happy to recommend you and happy to share our experience with others. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.

Janakan R, Lane Cove NSW

I thoroughly recommend Paul Wilson for his expertise and positive approach in business.

I’m sure that you will find him and his advice helpful in your own wealth creation.

Mark L, Tas

It is a pity l didn’t start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago

Thank you for all your assistance and professional services over the past year. It is a pity l didn't start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago but l am very happy to be a part of it now and plan to be for a very long time.

Justin S, Mt Eliza Vic

Income2Wealth is 100% genuine and I am glad to refer their high performing projects.

I have personally invested in one of the projects of the armchair development and starting to see results from my short term investment.

Great service provided and will come back for more.

Anubhav A, Vic

You’re a man true to his word!!!

Watch your money grow when investing with Paul and his team. I’m already starting to see the benefits so thank you!! It will cost you fortunes if you don’t!

Paul G, Doncaster VIC

I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart…

I have found Paul to be a genuine, helpful and very knowledgable guy without that sleazy sales person feel. Which is extremely hard to find in this industry. Everyone out there seems to be ‘selling’ you some story or product or house whether it’s in your best interests or not. I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart each and every time I speak to them. Couldn’t be more happier I found them.

Kyle M, Qld

Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to create wealth

I highly recommend Paul & his team at Income2Wealth as I have known Paul for a few years now and he is a genuine guy his knowledge is outstanding helpful and on call to answer any questions you have. I have invested in 2 of his projects right now Armchair Capital & Armchair Development and they haven’t missed a payment yet, every month into my account and when my term is up I intend to reinvest again, Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to Create Wealth through Passive investing Future Proof your retirement!!!

Greg L, Panania, NSW

You cannot underestimate the value of expert advice…

As a young couple going into our first investment it was invaluable to have the expert guidance of Paul and his team. You cannot underestimate the value of expert advise and guidance to get you on the right track.

Adam W, Palm Beach Qld

I highly recommend Paul and his wonder team

I highly recommend Paul and his wonder team. We have been investing with Paul for several years now and have funds in all his Armchair Developments as well as funds in his Capital Investments.  Investing with Income2Wealth has improved our monthly cashflow and enabled us to pay down our investment property mortgages a lot quicker. So glad I answered one of your adverts and got to work with you all.

Sharon K, Belmore NSW

I have invested in 2 of their projects giving me 20-30% return.

Really glad to meet them and intend to continue with them for a while

Imran H, Qld

I have enjoyed every interaction with the team…

Not only is Paul the most down to earth genuine person you will ever meet he also has such a friendly, knowledgeable and educated team around him. I have enjoyed every interaction with the team and they have helped structure my portfolio for now and into the future. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing.

Nick C, Qld

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