Published on April 14, 2020

With such a large number of Australian’s social distancing by staying at home, there’s suddenly a large amount of time on people’s hands.    For most people, this time will be put to good use – spending quality time with family, finishing home projects, spring cleaning or further education.

For others, however, it seems idle hands serve only to bring out the more negative tendencies they normally keep in check.   Hence the rise in the keyboard warriors that you’ve probably seen popping up all over social media, freely & sometimes aggressively sharing their ill-informed opinions, criticisms and baseless judgments.    Boredom, frustration and discontent breeds negativity and negativity certainly loves company!

While it’s certainly more prolific at the moment, this kind of negativity exists in our everyday lives and is something we owe it to ourselves to keep a conscious perspective about.

I encourage you to take two minutes (actually, less than two) out of your day and click here  to watch me explain how you do this by sharing my “Rubber Band Theory“.

Fend off the keyboard warriors & negative influencers in your life and confidently stay your course.