Published on May 12, 2020

Can You Manufacture Luck?



You ARE Running Out Of Time!


If you are in your 20’s – Act With Urgency

If you are in your 30’s – Act With Urgency

If you are in your 40’s – Act With Urgency

If you are in your 50’s – Act With Urgency


You get the picture….

Complacency is one of the biggest killers of wealth.  Living with anxiety, negativity or feeling bored with our daily routines- all stifle our creativity and closes us off to the possibilities and opportunities of living the life of our dreams.

Our Aussie attitude of “she’ll be right, mate” eventually comes back to bite us if we live our life like a drifter, feeling down on our luck and living aimlessly without goals or purpose.

I often have clients tell me how their families or friends minimise the secure financial position they have attained (that for many has taken decades to create through discipline, planning and action) by describing it as just luck.

Does living with a sense of urgency and purpose and taking action now to live the life of your dreams, really boil down to just luck?

It’s not luck that delivers long term results, it’s far more dependent on the harmonious partnership of attitude and actions.

Research out of the University of Hertfordshire on the concept of luck or lucky people,  found that the people who have the positive attitude that they’re extremely lucky, no matter what happens, always do better in life because they actively engage with more people, are open-minded to all possibilities, listen to their own intuition and literally use every circumstance and interaction to their advantage.   These people, in essence, manufacture their own “luck” through their attitude and their actions.

Unlucky people, on the other hand, were naturally more anxious and found it harder to recognise opportunities because they were too busy worrying about problems instead of using their energy to recognise and find ways to solve them.

We all start the game of wealth creation the same way – with the cards we are dealt.  Some are dealt a better hand than others but this doesn’t prevent you from manufacturing your own luck.

Opening your mind and giving yourself permission to venture outside of your comfort zone by connecting with new people, developing positive new habits, exercising financial discipline and taking action on the opportunities you find along the way, will open doors and achieve results beyond your dreams.

Above all, don’t be complacent that there will always be time to get around to it, you need to adopt a sense of urgency to ensure the healthy and productive long term partnership of your attitude and actions, is nurtured daily for your overall mental, physical and financial well-being.

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