Published on December 15, 2021
Celebrating A Mammoth Year Of Massive Results! 🥳🍾
We are proud to announce this year alone, our Investor Community have received just under $45 Million in Capital Return & Monthly Distributions.
Congratulations if you shared in these impressive results!
But we’re not going to rest on our laurels – instead, we’re planning for 2022 to be an even bigger & better year for our investor community with multiple new offers paying above-market returns of 8% – 20% p.a. on invested funds.
With returns and results like these, what are you waiting for?
Contact us today to discover how easy it is to transform your Savings, SMSF or Dead Equity into ongoing monthly passive income.
*You should consider the information and associated risks in the Disclosure Documents in full before making any kind of Investment decision. Investment products offered by I2W are not bank deposits. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.