Published on April 28, 2020

lf you’ve been waiting for permission to make significant progress with your wealth creation plans, then here it is….yes.

Yes, it’s okay to make your wealth creation a priority

Yes, it’s possible, even in the current economic climate


Yes, you too can join our growing community of investors enjoying monthly passive income.

With payments to our investors in our Armchair Development ™ and Armchair Capital ™ Funds reaching a new high this month alone of over half a million dollars, has there ever been a better time to join this growing community of investors?

So far this year our investors have been paid a total of $1,835,785 – and best of all, it’s passive income, earned effortlessly in the background while they’re busy getting on with living their own lives.

I’m a big believer that nobody ever retires on intention alone.   Action is what will separate the thinkers from the doers and generate results.  If you’ve been waiting for permission, or for a sign that the time is right, then this months results are it – it’s now up to you to decide if you want to be sharing in a part of this regular monthly income.

Reach out to us to answer any questions you have about investing passively through our Armchair Development ™ or Armchair Capital ™ Funds.