If everyone earns an income,
why do only some become

The easy answer is to say because some earn more money than others, however, it’s never quite as simple as that...

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    What makes us different

    At Income2Wealth we understand how difficult it can be to tune out the clutter of everyday demands, emotions and the varied opinions that can cloud your investment decisions. It’s easy to become overwhelmed listening to the conflicting investment strategies proposed by your friends, your family and various industry ‘experts’. We want to help you build the confidence and clarity you need to become a successful investor and we don’t leave anything to chance.

    We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to investing – not every investment pathway is suited to every investor.

    At Income2Wealth, our focus is on providing a wide variety of investment pathways aimed at helping you achieve your goals on your budget and in your timeframe.

    Investment Pathways

    Smart investors are constantly seeking alternative and smarter ways to invest their money and grow their wealth, particularly in an era of low interest rates, tighter lending conditions and the unpredictability of the share market.

    There is a better way: Armchair Capital ™ enables you to

    • Break away from low return bank accounts and term deposits
    • Diversity from investing into direct property
    • Avoid the unpredictability and vulnerability of share markets
    Discover the opportunity

    The Income2Wealth group provides investors with a clear pathway and exclusive access to participate in residential and commercial property developments within an AFSL regulated environment through our Armchair Development ™ Program.

    Through our strategic partnership with ISG Funds Management, the holder of the Australian Financial Services Licence for these projects, we research and select profitable projects and experienced developers who have an excellent track record of project and return success.

    As an Armchair Development ™ investor, you are essentially, an equity partner in a development project.

    Discover the opportunity

    Getting your finances right is one of the most important elements to becoming a successful investor.

    After all, investing is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, so maximising the benefits you can gain from this is a must.

    As our experts help you plan your strategy, we gain valuable insights into your financial situation. This knowledge can be used to help you create a solid financial structure tailored to your current circumstances and future goals.

    Discover the opportunity

    Think of We Find Houses as your personal team of experts. We have the industry and market knowledge to help you create a plan that will supercharge your portfolio. No more hours spent sifting through property listings or reading unqualified advice – let us do the hard work for you.

    By using our experts to build your property portfolio, we will help you to research, negotiate and secure properties that match your criteria, budget and risk profile. After all, buying a property is one of the most expensive decisions you’ll ever make – can you afford to leave it to chance?

    Discover the opportunity

    Investing success is as much about planning, accounting and research as it is about where you choose to put your money to work. At Income2Wealth we offer a full suite of services aimed at demystifying the investing process, increasing your investment intelligence, financial efficiency and ultimately maximising your investment success.

    Whatever your needs are in the investment maze, we have the solution. From gathering information about your current financial situation and future goals, we can help you create and implement a strategy geared for success. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Whether you are looking at working with our team in developing your personalised Investment Pathways To Wealth Strategy or through our One to One Coaching & Mentoring Program, our years of expertise means any investment decisions you make are grounded in a strategy tailored to your exact needs.

    Discover the opportunity

    About Income2Wealth

    With so many investment choices available to you it’s easy to understand why you may be wondering which direction do I take? And how do I make sure I don’t make a wrong turn and end up worse off than I started?

    Over the last 20+ years, I’ve worked with clients on very modest incomes who have been able to create strong financial foundations to create long term wealth.

    In complete contrast to this, I’ve also worked with some very high-income earners who live week to week, spending as big as they earn and have failed to take any steps to create long term wealth.

    So, what is it that stops people from turning their income into wealth & where are the blockages? How do you identify and break down the invisible barriers that are holding you back?

    While there are many different factors that can influence an investment outcome – from market movements to luck – all investors enter the game with the same odds of success. The trouble is, that many investors continually delay making any decision about getting started and when they finally do, they leave their investment decisions completely up to chance.

    As an Accredited RG 146 and Property Investment Adviser, I specialise in working with you to identify a variety of effective pathways tailored to your individual circumstances to turn your income into real and lasting wealth.

    The information contained on this website is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation.

    You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.

    Meet the Team

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    Success stories

    I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart…

    I have found Paul to be a genuine, helpful and very knowledgable guy without that sleazy sales person feel. Which is extremely hard to find in this industry. Everyone out there seems to be ‘selling’ you some story or product or house whether it’s in your best interests or not. I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart each and every time I speak to them. Couldn’t be more happier I found them.

    Kyle M, Qld

    You cannot underestimate the value of expert advice…

    As a young couple going into our first investment it was invaluable to have the expert guidance of Paul and his team. You cannot underestimate the value of expert advise and guidance to get you on the right track.

    Adam W, Palm Beach Qld

    I have enjoyed every interaction with the team…

    Not only is Paul the most down to earth genuine person you will ever meet he also has such a friendly, knowledgeable and educated team around him. I have enjoyed every interaction with the team and they have helped structure my portfolio for now and into the future. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing.

    Nick C, Qld

    I would recommend other investors to seriously consider investing with them

    I've been investing with Income2wealth, through the armchair program and am very happy with the return on my investment and will continue to relish this opportunity. I would recommend other investors to seriously consider investing with them.

    William W, West Wodonga VIC

    I have invested in 2 of their projects giving me 20-30% return.

    Really glad to meet them and intend to continue with them for a while

    Imran H, Qld

    You’re a man true to his word!!!

    Watch your money grow when investing with Paul and his team. I’m already starting to see the benefits so thank you!! It will cost you fortunes if you don’t!

    Paul G, Doncaster VIC

    I thoroughly recommend Paul Wilson for his expertise and positive approach in business.

    I’m sure that you will find him and his advice helpful in your own wealth creation.

    Mark L, Tas

    Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met…

    After to talking to other investment advisers Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met, offering business and investment advice with proven success through himself and his team. I’ve been able to make clear and informative decisions towards building my investment portfolio.

    Paul E, Qld

    Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to create wealth

    I highly recommend Paul & his team at Income2Wealth as I have known Paul for a few years now and he is a genuine guy his knowledge is outstanding helpful and on call to answer any questions you have. I have invested in 2 of his projects right now Armchair Capital & Armchair Development and they haven’t missed a payment yet, every month into my account and when my term is up I intend to reinvest again, Paul and his excellent team put you on the right pathway to Create Wealth through Passive investing Future Proof your retirement!!!

    Greg L, Panania, NSW

    Straight and factual discussions and on time payments

    I definitely recommend Paul and team. Professional and easy engagement. Straight and factual discussions and on time payments.

    Peter B, Forestville NSW

    They’ve never missed a repayment

    I’ve been with this company for about 7 months and they’ve never missed a repayment on my investment, over $5000.00 per month ?

    Dene G, Noosa Heads Qld

    They are honest and communicating is one of the best I’ve come across.

    This Business is awesome!!  They’ve been so amazingly helpful to me, hubby and other family members and other people we’ve recommended.   They are honest and communicating is one of the best I’ve come across. Not only this but they personally make you feel like you are important. You ARE a name and not just a number!! We have not only invested once but repeatedly after.

    Dividends each month and always on time (of not a few days early if the 15th falls on the weekend).  We’ve done our SMSF and others we have introduced have used their cash money.  Give them a call and see for yourself. If you don’t and you complain because you missed out and “waited” then I get to say “I told you so”... and if you’re anything like my hubby you would hate that to be the case.  Thanks everyone at Income 2 Wealth for your assistance, information and total professionalism. You guys ROCK!!.

    Lisa D, Woody Point Qld

    They stand by their word to give you monthly returns on your investments

    Been with them for about 6 months.

    They stand by their word to give you monthly returns on your investments. My favourite part with investing with them is the current members investment deals that are provided every so often.

    Communication is great, they will notify you of anything that needs to be fixed straight away. Oh and they are very patient at explaining this you aren't sure about.

    Eric Wong, NSW

    A fabulous investment opportunity providing great returns

    I highly recommend Income2wealth as a fabulous investment opportunity providing great returns. Paul Wilson has been wonderful to deal with always making himself available to answer my queries in a professional and friendly manner and I am so grateful to him for his expertise and honesty. I will happily invest again in the future with confidence .

    Dianne F, Concord West, NSW

    I highly recommend Paul and his wonder team

    I highly recommend Paul and his wonder team. We have been investing with Paul for several years now and have funds in all his Armchair Developments as well as funds in his Capital Investments.  Investing with Income2Wealth has improved our monthly cashflow and enabled us to pay down our investment property mortgages a lot quicker. So glad I answered one of your adverts and got to work with you all.

    Sharon K, Belmore NSW

    I have been with Income2Wealth for about six months and they have never missed a payment yet.

    When I first contacted their office I said I needed to see you in person and look you directly in the eyes.   Paul was open straight away and said "come on down". So I drove to their office to meet Paul and his team.  They were all very nice and made me feel comfortable. Paul and I must have talked for an hour.  He didn't rush me as we talked through my aspirations and his ability to help me meet my financial goals.  I have lost money to overseas companies in the past that can so easily hide or disappear altogether, so it was important for me to be able to meet in person the team I was putting my trust and my savings into.  Paul understands that in our partnership it is the long term where the real benefits lie and that this is only the beginning.  I hope to be adding to my investment with Paul this year and feel confident he will deliver on his promise to me.  Good luck everybody.

    Mark S, Oxley Qld

    It is a pity l didn’t start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago

    Thank you for all your assistance and professional services over the past year. It is a pity l didn't start investing with you after our first discussion several years ago but l am very happy to be a part of it now and plan to be for a very long time.

    Justin S, Mt Eliza Vic

    Stress free and rewarding

    My experience to date has been both stress free and rewarding. Paul and the team at Income2Wealth are friendly, helpful and happy to answer anything your unsure of. They keep you up to date with how projects are going and have not missed a payment. I look forward to continuing to invest into the future.

    Joel G, Shoal Point Qld

    You not only delivered but exceeded our expectations…

    You are a fantastic bunch and keep up the good work. Our experience with your professional and caring team has been nothing but outstanding. We had a tough task ahead of us and you not only delivered but exceeded our expectations. We will be more than happy to recommend you and happy to share our experience with others. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.

    Janakan R, Lane Cove NSW

    Payments are on time every time – by far my best investment

    Income2Wealth is by far my best investment. I invested with them 12 months ago the payments are on time every time . Dealing with Jamie and the team is always a pleasure as they are open and honest . I look forward to investing more with them in the near future .

    Lee C, Footscray VIC

    Income2Wealth is 100% genuine and I am glad to refer their high performing projects.

    I have personally invested in one of the projects of the armchair development and starting to see results from my short term investment.

    Great service provided and will come back for more.

    Anubhav A, Vic

    Building my portfolio with confidence and good returns

    Very professional financial investment advice that gives you great monthly returns on share investments, Building my portfolio with confidence and good returns

    Georgia L, Point Cook Vic

    Honest and Professional Team of people delivering genuine opportunities for investors.

    Currently receiving a healthy 21%pa on investment, which I didn’t think was out there other than working with share-fund managers. I look forward working with Paul and his team for many years to come. Safe as Houses!!

    Jason T, NZ

    We look forward to be associated with them for many years to come.

    Income 2 wealth team has been phenomenal as their name suggests in helping us grow our savings. Paul and his team are reliable & professional . We look forward to be associated with them for many years to come.

    Maxwell M, Sandhurst VIC

    Straight and factual discussions and on time payments.

    I definitely recommend Paul and team. Professional and easy engagement. Straight and factual discussions and on time payments.

    Peter B, Forestville NSW

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